Thursday, July 17

Analogy MCQs Test Question with Answers pdf

1. Bud is to Flower as Calf is to ________:

          a)      Garden
          b)      Buffalo
          c)      Cow
          d)      Milk

2. Sky is to Blue as Grass is to ________:

          a)      Green
          b)      Goats
          c)      Clouds
          d)     Garden

3. Tea is to Leave as Coffee is to ________:
          a)      Plant
          b)      Leaves
          c)      Beverage
          d)     Seeds

4. Venus is to Mars as Jupiter is to _______:

          a)      Pluto
          b)      Mercury
          c)      Uranus
          d)      Neptune

5. Lion is to Animals as Rose is to ________:

          a)      Garden
          b)      Plant
          c)      Bush
          d)     Flower

6. French is to France as Dutch is to ________:

          a)      Norway
          b)      Fiji
          c)      Holland
          d)     Sweden

7. Stool is to Wood as Nail is to ________:

          a)      Iron
          b)     Hammer
          c)     Carpenter
          d)     Blacksmith

8. Bag is to Luggage as Ship is to ________:

          a)      Coal
          b)      Cargo
          c)       Stock
          d)      Weight

9. Mirror is to Reflection as Water is to ________:

          a)      Conduction
          b)      Refraction
          c)      Reflection
          d)      Immersion

10. Statue is to Sculptor as Symphony is to ________:

            a)      Author
            b)      Architect
            c)      Musician
            d)     Poet


1.       c)
2.       a)
3.       d)
4.       b)
5.       d)
6.       c)
7.       a)
8.       b)
9.       c)
10.     c)

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