Saturday, June 21

Analogy MCQs test # 04

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1. Tiger : Carnivorous

          a)      Women : Vegetable
          b)     Man : Egg
          c)      Lion : Lioness
          d)     Cow : Herbivorous
2. Flag : Nation

          a)      Bird : Peacock
          b)     Elephant : State
          c)      Insignia : Rank
          d)     Profile : Portrait
3. Architect : Building

         a)      Producer : Designer
         b)     Art : Writer
         c)      Civil Engineer : Dam
         d)     Demand : Supply
4. Spring : Summer

          a)      Wednesday : Monday
          b)      Monday : Wednesday
          c)       Friday : Sunday
          d)      Thursday : Wednesday

Friday, June 20

Computer MCQs with answers

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1. Which one of the following is not a search engine?

          a)      Bing
          b)     Google
          c)      Yahoo
          d)      Windows

2. The presentation package and slides are usually presented by:

          a)      Power Point
          b)     Excel
          c)      MS Word
          d)     All the above

Thursday, June 19

General Knowledge Question competitive exams

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1. The capital of Saudi Arabia is?

          a)      Makkah
          b)     Madina
          c)      Taif
          d)     Riyadh

2. What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?

          a)      American
          b)      British
          c)      German
          d)      Swedish

Wednesday, June 18

Computer MCQs test

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1. The Father of the computer is:

          a)     Charles Babbage
          b)     Vint Cerf
          c)      Bob Khan
          d)     David Filo

2. One Megabyte (MB) is equal to:

          a)      1023 kilobytes
          b)      1000 bytes
          c)      100 kilobytes
          d)     1024 kilobytes

Tuesday, June 17

Analogy MCQs test # 03

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Choose the pair which shows the same relationship as given at the top:

1. Joke : Laughter

a)      Cry : Sorrow
b)     Disease : Medicine
c)      Death : Life
d)     Miracle : Surprise
2. Day : Night

a)      Dark : Black
b)     Good : Rough
c)      Kind :Cruel
d)     Shining : Bright
3. Sodium : Salt

a)      Potassium : Phosphorous
b)     Calcium : Marble
c)      Lime : Limestone
d)     Room : House
4. Cobbler : Leather

a)      Shirt : Boutique
b)     Television : Engineer
c)      Woodcutter : Furniture
d)     Mason : Stone

Monday, June 16

Computer MCQs

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1. RAM is Abbreviation of:

          a)     Random Access Memory
          b)     Round Access Memory
          c)      Round Allocation of Memory
          d)     Real Allocation of Memory

2. A collection of computer that is connected together is called:

          a)      Team
          b)     Group
          c)      Network
          d)     Meeting

Sunday, June 15

Current Affairs MCQs test # 04

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1. Al-Tehrir Square is in:

          a)      Damascus   
          b)     Cairo
          c)      Tripoli
          d)     Istanbol

2. Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked:

          a)     America and Mexico
          b)     England and France
          c)      France and Germany
          d)     England and Germany