Saturday, June 7

Pak studies MCQs test

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1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League in:

          a)      1911
          b)     1912
          c)      1913
          d)     None of these

2. The first Round Table was held in:

          a)      London
          b)     Delhi
          c)      Lahore
          d)     None of these

Friday, June 6

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Thursday, June 5

Common sense MCQs test

1. Which is heavier of the two—a pound of feather or a pound of gold?

          a)      Feather
          b)     Gold
          c)      Neither

2. The students of the same I.Q., age, educational qualification start pronouncing all the letters of  the alphabet—one from A to Z and the other from Z to A. who will finish the count first?

          a)     He who counts from A to Z
          b)     He who counts from Z to A
          c)      Both will finish together

Wednesday, June 4

Speaker / Deputy speaker of Pakistan

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1. Who was nominated for leader of Apposition in the National Assembly?

          a)      Nisar Ali Khan
          b)     Syed Khurshid
          c)      Chauhdry Pervaiz Elahi
          d)     Fazal-ur- Rehman

2. Who was appointed as speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

          a)      Sardar Ayaz Sadiq
          b)     Fahmida Mirza
          c)      Chauhdry Amir Husain
          d)     Elahi Bukhsh Sumroo

Tuesday, June 3

Pak studies MCQs

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1. When 5th General Election of Pakistan was held?

          a)      11 May 2013
          b)     12 May 2013
          c)      13 May 2013
          d)     14 May 2013

2. How much the total turnout in the General Election 2013?

          a)      54%
          b)     55%
          c)      55.83%
          d)     66%

Monday, June 2

Mademan pc game system requirements

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Made Man is a third-person shooter video game developed by the UK Company Silverback Studios and published by Mastertronic and Aspyr for PlayStation 2 and Windows. The game is set in the New York underworld of organized crime in the Mafia. The storyline is written by crime author David Fisher with collaboration from former Mafioso Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno.

The player assumes the role of Joey Verola, a former soldier, as he is indoctrinated into the world of American organized crime and must relive his life - every moment, every kill - as he rises through the ranks to become a made man. The storyline spans three decades of his life, from the horror of Vietnam to the urban jungle of Brooklyn.
Pic Source: Wikipedia
Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
256 MB RAM