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Common Sense Question with Answer pdf

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1. Take any number, subtract from it the sum of its digits, the result will always be divisible by:

          a)      5
          b)      7
          c)       9
          d)     11

2. When the race ended, there were 4 cars in front of a car, 4 cars behind a car, and a car in the middle? How many cars finished the race?

          a)      9
          b)      5
          c)      10
          d)     11

3. A and B, A standing at the door of his house and B walking up and down the pavement, were counting passers-by for a whole hour. Who counted more?

          a)      A
          b)      B
          c)       Both equal
          d)      Can’t say

4. Sadia bought a camera and case for Rs. 120. If the camera costs Rs. 100 more than the case; how much did the camera cost?

          a)      Rs. 100
          b)      Rs. 120
          c)       Rs. 110
          d)      Rs. 90

5. It took 20 days for all the leaves to fall from a tree. If the number of leaves that fell each day was twice that of the previous day, on which day was the tree half bare?

         a)      10th day
         b)      19th day
         c)       9th day
         d)      None of these

6. A person being asked what time it was answered: “The hours of the day which remains are equal to one-seventh of those which have passed”. What time was it?

          a)      9 P.M.
          b)      7 P.M.
          c)      8 P.M.
          d)      3 A.M.

7. Mr. Aslam, after extracting a promise from his pretty secretary that she would only answer in “Yes” or “No” said to her, “You will not say “No” if I asked you to spend the evening with me”. He had her company for the evening because:

          a)      She wanted to go, so she said “Yes”
          b)      She had no choice as both “Yes” and “No” meant the same
          c)      She had refused yet the boss took her
          d)      None of the above

8. A man and a girl, walking together step out with their left feet first. The man walks 3 paces while the girl walks 2. When will they both put their right feet forward together?

          a)      After walking 5 paces
          b)      When th girl walks 5 paces
          c)      Never
          d)     Can’t say

9. A boy was supposed to meet his girlfriend in the evening Sunday. The first time she came at 4:30, the next time at 5:20, then at 6:30, then at 8.00. When did she turn up the last time after that?

          a)      9:50
          b)     10:20
          c)      9:30
          d)     9:40

1.        c)
2.        b)
3.        c)
4.        c)
5.        b)
6.        d)
7.        b)
8.        c)
9.        a)

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