Saturday, May 31

Current affairs MCQs test # 03

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1.  Where is the head quarter of the Amnesty International located?

           a)    Geneva
           b)   London
           c)    Paris
           d)   New York

2.  Who was the founder of HAMAS in 1987?
           a)    Sheikh Ahmed yassin
           b)    Yasser Arafat
           c)    Abu Nidal
           d)   None of these

Friday, May 30

Current affairs MCQs test

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1.  The oldest internet search engine among the following is:
            a)    Google
            b)    MSN Search
            c)    Yahoo

2.  3 May is observed internationally as:

           a)    Environment Day
           b)   Population Day
           c)    Press Freedom Day
           d)   None of these

Thursday, May 29

Current affairs MCQs

      1.    Malala Yousafzai selected for which International Award for this year:

a)    Prestigious Global leadership Award
b)    Nobel Peace Prize Award
c)    National Peace Award
d)    None of these

       2.    Capital Punishment is broadly root out around the world except India, Japan,      Pakistan and:

a)    Sri Lanka
b)    Egypt
c)    Gambia
d)    Jordon

Wednesday, May 28

General Knowledge Question with Answer pdf

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       1.    Which of the following countries is the world’s largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the            atmosphere:

a)    China
b)    America
c)    Russia
d)    India

       2.    The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is:

a)    Helmand
b)    Nangarhar
c)    Badakhshan
d)    None of these

Tuesday, May 27

Governor General of Pakistan

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The Governor-General of Pakistan was the representative in Pakistan of the British monarch, from the country's independence in 1947. When Pakistan was proclaimed a republic in 1956, the office of governor-general was abolished.

Sunday, May 25

The punisher game system requirements

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The Punisher is an action game which stars the vigilante from Marvel Comics, The Punisher. After his entire family was murdered by the mafia, Frank Castle decides to devote his life to make sure that criminals get what they deserve. Players take control of The Punisher as he tracks criminals down through the criminal underworld. Some of the criminals you will be fighting include members of the Eternal Sun and of course the Russians.

Minimum System Requirements
Pentium III 1 GHz
128 MB RAM