Saturday, May 17

General knowledge question

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1. Parsec is a unit of:

          a)      Energy
          b)     Time
          c)      Power
          d)     Distance

2. The most abundant element present in the human body is:

          a)      Nitrogen
          b)     Carbon
          c)      Hydrogen
          d)     Oxygen

Thursday, May 15

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Analogy MCQs

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1.   Race : Fatigue

            a)      French : Athlete 
            b)     Fast : Hunger
            c)      Art : Bug  
            d)     Walking : Running
6.   Enormous : Huge

            a)      Rough : Rock
            b)     Purse : Kitchen
            c)      Muddy : Unclean
            d)     Black : White
2.   Star : Constellation

           a)      Soldier : Regiment
           b)     Patch : Thread
           c)      Hand : Clock 
           d)     Struggle : Wrestle
7.   Purity : Evil

           a)      Angel : Horns
           b)     North : Climate
           c)      Boldness : Victory
           d)     Suavity : Bluntness

Wednesday, May 14

Common sense quiz

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1.  It takes two minutes to boil an egg. How many minutes will take to boil 5 eggs together?

           a)      2
           b)     10
           c)      30
           d)     5

2.  4 boys and 3 girls do as many sums in 5 minutes as 3 boys and 5 girls do in 4 minutes. Who work faster?

           a)      Boys
           b)     Girls
           c)      Both
           d)     Neither

Tuesday, May 13

General knowledge test

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1. One us Barrel oil is equal to:

          a)      20 Litres
          b)     30 Litres
          c)      50 Litres
          d)     None of these

2. Ringgit is the currency unit of:

          a)      Singapore
          b)     Philippines
          c)      Malaysia
          d)     None of these

Monday, May 12

General knowledge MCQs test

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1.  The currency of Indonesia is:

           a)      Rupiah
           b)     Dinar
           c)      Ringgit
           d)     Riyal

2.  India is constructing Kishan Ganga Dam in:

           a)      Jammu
           b)     Srinagar
           c)      Baramula
           d)     None of these

Sunday, May 11

General knowledge MCQs

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1. Former US Vice - President Al Gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against:

          a)      Child Labour
          b)      Human Rights Violation
          c)      Global Warming
          d)      None of these

2. WAFA is the news agency of:

          a)      Syria
          b)     Jordan
          c)      Egypt
          d)     None of these