Saturday, July 5

Pak Studies Question with Answer pdf

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1. Who designed Pakistan’s national flag?

          a)      Fatima Jinnah
          b)      Ameer-ud-din Khidwai
          c)       Wali Khan
          d)      Tikka Khan

2. In which year did Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup?

          a)      1975
          b)      1987
          c)      1992
          d)     1996

Friday, July 4

General Knowledge Quiz pdf

1. World's famous bridge "Golden Gate" is in:

          a)      San Francisco
          b)      New Delhi
          c)       France
          d)      Sydney

2. The height of Eiffel Tower is __________ feet:

          a)      1067
          b)      1073
          c)      1077
          d)      1063

Thursday, July 3

Common Sense Question with Answer pdf

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1. Take any number, subtract from it the sum of its digits, the result will always be divisible by:

          a)      5
          b)      7
          c)       9
          d)     11

2. When the race ended, there were 4 cars in front of a car, 4 cars behind a car, and a car in the middle? How many cars finished the race?

          a)      9
          b)      5
          c)      10
          d)     11

Wednesday, July 2

Sequence MCQs Test PDF

In sequence test, one is required to keep in view the correct sequence of days of the week, months of the year, sequence of letters of alphabet, of words in dictionary, etc.

1. The day that dawn three days after tomorrow is Friday. What day of the week dawned two days before yesterday?

          a)      Sunday
          b)      Saturday
          c)      Wednesday
          d)      Friday

2. If 7th of the month falls 2 days preceding Sunday, what day of the week will follow the 27th of the month?

          a)      Friday
          b)     Saturday
          c)      Thursday
          d)     Monday

Tuesday, July 1

Analogy MCQs Test with Answer

1. Oil is to Seed as Butter is to __________:

          a)      Goat 
          b)     Cow
          c)      Milk
          d)     Ghee

2. Breakfast is to Lunch as Lunch is to _________:

          a)      Dinner
          b)     Breakfast
          c)      Meal
          d)     Fast

Monday, June 30

Odd Man Out Question with Answer

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Odd Man Out type of questions are purely based on similarity or similar relationship that exists between the alphabets, words, objects or things items are grouped together on the basis of similarity and the one to be picked out is that which does not belong to the group.

          a)      Herring
          b)      Whale
          c)      Shark
          d)     Barracuda
          a)      Dollop
          b)      Clef
          c)      Crab
          d)      Sink
          a)      August
          b)     September
          c)      November
          d)     December
          a)      Spain
          b)     Denmark
          c)      Germany
          d)     France

Sunday, June 29

Word Formation MCQs Test

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In Word Formation MCQs test to find the word formed with the letters from the word in capital letters. The letters may be used as many times as they appear in the word:

1. Structures:

          a)      Trees
          b)      Rests
          c)      Truth
          d)     Secure
2. Thermometer:

          a)      Moment
          b)      Trees
          c)      Therefore
          d)     Theme
3. Languages:

          a)      Gales
          b)      Range
          c)      Sages
          d)     Stage
4. Generation:

          a)      Nature
          b)      Nation
          c)      General
          d)      Trains