Thursday, June 5

Common sense MCQs test

1. Which is heavier of the two—a pound of feather or a pound of gold?

          a)      Feather
          b)     Gold
          c)      Neither

2. The students of the same I.Q., age, educational qualification start pronouncing all the letters of  the alphabet—one from A to Z and the other from Z to A. who will finish the count first?

          a)     He who counts from A to Z
          b)     He who counts from Z to A
          c)      Both will finish together

3. Suppose you can jump 5.5ft. High. After eating two slices of bread, how high can you jump? Your  weight is 50 kg.

          a)      More than 5.5 ft.
          b)     Less than 5.5 ft.
          c)      Same height
          d)     Can’t say

4. In 2 hours, the minute hand of a clock rotates through an angle of:

          a)      60o
          b)     720 o
          c)      360 o
          d)     180 o

5. A wheel has 16 spokes. How many spaces are there between the spokes?

          a)      16
          b)     15
          c)      17
          d)     Can’t say

6. Suppose an air-conditioned tunnel is dug through the earth. Its one end is in Pakistan and the  other is in Brazil. It passes through the center of gravity. A piece of stone is dropped into it. What  will happen to the stone?

          a)      It will come out at the other end
          b)     Can’t say
          c)      It will keep on moving from end to end inside the tunnel

7. Find a number which, after being multiplied by 5 will exceed 60 as much as it is now short of 60.

          a)      10
          b)     15
          c)      25
          d)     20

8. The number of letters in English alphabet is 26. If the number of consonants were equal to the  number of vowels and the number of vowels were equal to the number of consonants. What will be  the total number in that case?

           a)      Less than 26
           b)     More than 26
           c)      None of these
           d)     Can’t say

9. The first odd number is 1. The second odd number is 3 and so on. What is the 200th odd  number?

           a)      199
           b)      299
           c)       499
           d)       399

10. While weaving a shawl, the layers in one direction are 2 inches white and 2 inches red, and the  layers in the other direction are 2 inches white and 2 inches green. What will the pattern of the  shawl be composed of?

             a)      Square of two colors
             b)      Square of three colors
             c)      Square of four colors
             d)      Rectangle of four colors
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1.      c)
2.      a)
3.     c)
4.     b)
5.      a)
6.      c)
7.      d)
8.     c)
9.     d)
10.    c)

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