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Pak Studies MCQs Question with Answers pdf

Pak Studies MCQs Test # 05
1. Raja Dahir was the ruler of:

          a)      Lahore
          b)     Dehli
          c)      Sindh
          d)     Depalpur

2. Abu-al-Fath Daud was the Ismail ruler of:

          a)      Lahore
          b)     Multan
          c)      Sindh
          d)     Depalpur

3. Who seconded the Pakistan Resolution from Punjab?

          a)      Nawab Muhammad Ismail
          b)      Dr. Muhammad Alam
          c)      Abdul Hameed khan
          d)      Syed Zakir Ali

4. Indicate the highest civil award among the following:

          a)      Sitara-e-Shujaat
          b)      Hilal-e-Shujaat
          c)      Nishan-e-Shujaat 
          d)      Tamgha-e-Shujaat

5. Sulphur is formed at:

          a)      Koh-e-Sultan
          b)      Kala-Chitta Range
          c)      Warchha
          d)      Hazro

6. Gandhi - Jinnah talks of 1944 failed due to:

          a)      Opposition by the Khaksars
          b)      Red Shirts
          c)      The Ahrar
          d)      Two - Nation Theory

7. One of the main objectives of All - India Muslim League at the time of its creation was:

          a)      To be loyal to the Indian British Government
          b)      To take active part in the politics of the country
          c)      To be close to Hindu community
          d)      Not to take sides with any Indian community

8. Aligarh Muslim College started by Sir Syed Ahmed khan in 1877 had a clear program:

          a)      To make Muslims learn Arabic and Persian only
          b)      To keep the Muslim community abreast with western knowledge
          c)      To give students military education
          d)      To educate Muslim youth to be politically active

9. Arya Samaj was founded in 1875:

          a)      To protect the interest of India 
          b)      To cooperate with the British Government
          c)      To revive and reform Hinduism
          d)     To be a social organization working for the good of the poor

10. For what purpose Muslim League changed its manifesto in 1913?

            a)      Became hostile towards the British
            b)      Demanded self-government suitable for India
            c)      To remain aloof from Indian politics
            d)     To criticize and oppose the Hindu community


1.      c)
2.      b)
3.     b)
4.     c)
5.      a)
6.      d)
7.      a)
8.     b)
9.     c)
10.    a)

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