Tuesday, June 3

Pak studies MCQs

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1. When 5th General Election of Pakistan was held?

          a)      11 May 2013
          b)     12 May 2013
          c)      13 May 2013
          d)     14 May 2013

2. How much the total turnout in the General Election 2013?

          a)      54%
          b)     55%
          c)      55.83%
          d)     66%

3. How many total district of the Baluchistan Province including two newly created districts?

          a)      30
          b)     32
          c)      34
          d)     35

4. How many new districts created in the Baluchistan Province?

          a)      2
          b)     3
          c)      4
          d)     5

5. Which are the names of newly districts of Baluchistan Province?

          a)      Bolan
          b)     Kalat
          c)      Sohbatpur and Lehri
          d)     None of these

6. Who was taken oath as 15th Chief Minister of Balochistan?

          a)      Dr Abdul Malik Baloch
          b)     Aslam Raisani
          c)      Akhtar Mengal
          d)     Jam Mohammad Yousaf

7. Who was appointed as an Attorney General of Pakistan?

          a)      Irfan Qadir
          b)     Munir A. Malik
          c)      Latif Khosa
          d)     Salman Aslam Butt

8. Who was elected as President of Pakistan Gymnastics Federation?
          a)      Ahmad Ali Rajput
          b)     Imran Ali
          c)      Shafqat Ali
          d)     Tanvir Ahmad

9. Who is the current China Ambassador to Pakistan?

          a)       Sun weidong
          b)      Li keqiang
          c)       Loa Zhaohui
          d)       None of these

10. Who is appointed by India as New Ambassador to Pakistan?

             a)      Sri Prakasa
             b)     Kewel Singh 
             c)      Dr. TCA Raghavan
             d)     None of these
Download Test as PDF File
1.      a)
2.      a)
3.     b)
4.     a)
5.      c)
6.      a)
7.      d)
8.     a)
9.     a)
10.    c)

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