Monday, June 16

Computer MCQs

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1. RAM is Abbreviation of:

          a)     Random Access Memory
          b)     Round Access Memory
          c)      Round Allocation of Memory
          d)     Real Allocation of Memory

2. A collection of computer that is connected together is called:

          a)      Team
          b)     Group
          c)      Network
          d)     Meeting

3. In computer system word Boot is used for:

          a)     Shutdown system
          b)     To startup a software
          c)      Finished the opened software
          d)     To startup a computer

4. In cyber crimes:

          a)      The computer is a tool
          b)     The computer is a target
          c)      Both a) and b)
          d)     Neither a) nor b)

5. Which of the following is not an operating system?

          a)      Linux
          b)      Mozilla
          c)      Macintosh
          d)     Windows

6. Computer virus is:

          a)     A micro organism
          b)     A useful computer component
          c)      Electro magnetic waves entering the computer from internet
          d)     A program

7. SITE stands for:

          a)     Satellite Instructional Technology and Engineering
          b)     State Institute of Teacher Education
          c)      Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
          d)     State Institute of Technology and Engineering

8. LAN stands for:

          a)     Local And National
          b)     Local Area Network
          c)      Large Area Network
          d)     Live Area Network

9. A parallel port is most often used by:

          a)     Mouse
          b)     Monitor
          c)      Printer
          d)     Keyboard

10. ‘OS’ in computer system means?

            a)     Open System
            b)     Open Software
            c)      Operating System
            d)     All of these
Download Test as PDF File

1.      a)
2.      c)
3.     d)
4.     c)
5.      b)
6.      d)
7.      c)
8.     b)
9.     c)
10.    c)

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