Thursday, May 29

Current affairs MCQs

      1.    Malala Yousafzai selected for which International Award for this year:

a)    Prestigious Global leadership Award
b)    Nobel Peace Prize Award
c)    National Peace Award
d)    None of these

       2.    Capital Punishment is broadly root out around the world except India, Japan,      Pakistan and:

a)    Sri Lanka
b)    Egypt
c)    Gambia
d)    Jordon

      3.    Who won the Qatar Open 2013 in flame Category:

a)    Victoria Azareuka
b)    Serena Williams
c)    Both
d)    None of these

      4.    The United Nation General Assembly has passed first ever regulating treaty about  ________to bring transparency and protection of human rights to the often murky  industry.

a)    Nuclear Arsenal
b)    Smuggle Good
c)    Conventional Weapons Trade
d)    Child Protection Rights

      5.    On which date Nawaz Sharif was nominated for the post of Prime Minister by  Pakistan Muslim league N:

a)    25 May 2013
b)    26 May 2013
c)    27 May 2013
d)    28 May 2013

      6.    Which Civil Award of Pakistan conferred to Chinese Prime Minister by President  Asif Ali Zardari on strengthens Pak & China friendship:

a)    Nishan –e – Pakistan
b)    Nishan –e- Haider
c)    Taghma Jurat
d)    None of these

      7.    For which date Malaysian premier was dissolved Parliament for General Election:

a)    April 03, 2013
b)    April 05, 2013
c)    April 10, 2013
d)    April 11, 2013

      8.    Which player became the Pakistan eight batsman’s overall to score 1000 runs in    twenty 20 cricket:

a)    Muhammad Hafeez
b)    Umar Akmal
c)    Shahid Afridi
d)    Misbah ul Haq

      9.    India has test fired its nuclear capable strategic ballistic missile from based in        Odisha:

a)    Agni II
b)    Agni IV
c)    Prathvi III
d)    Prathvi II

     10.  Fresh Terrorist attack on US soil in Boston Marathon was taken place on:

a)    April 9, 2013
b)    April 15, 2013
c)    April 18, 2013
d)    April 19, 2013

1.      a)
2.      c)
3.     a)
4.     c)
5.      b)
6.      a)
7.      a)
8.     a)
9.     b)
10.    b)

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