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General Knowledge Question with Answer pdf

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       1.    Which of the following countries is the world’s largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the            atmosphere:

a)    China
b)    America
c)    Russia
d)    India

       2.    The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is:

a)    Helmand
b)    Nangarhar
c)    Badakhshan
d)    None of these

       3.    The headquarters of Green Peace International is located at:

a)    Vancouver
b)    Amsterdam
c)    London
d)    Paris

       4.    Indian National Congress was established in :

a)    1883
b)    1885
c)    1887
d)    None of these

       5.    The first Chief Justice of Pakistan was:

a)    Abdur Rashid
b)    Sajjad Ali Shah
c)    Zafar ul Haq
d)    None of these

       6.    Who is Stanley McChrystal:

a)    Commander US forces in Afghanistan
b)    Head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM)
c)    NATO Commander in Afghanistan
d)    None of these

       7.    Silk Air is an airline of:

a)    Sri Lanka
b)    Switzerland
c)    Singapore
d)    China
       8.    2016 Summer Olympics will be held at:

a)    Sydney
b)    Madrid
c)    Chicago
d)    Rio de Janerio

       9.    Channel Tunnel is an under sea rail tunnel linking:

a)    England and Ireland
b)    England and France
c)    France and Germany
d)    None of these.

      10.  Kyat is the currency of:

a)    Nepal
b)    Myanmar
c)    Bhutan
d)    None of these
Download Test as PDF File
1.      a)
2.      a)
3.     b)
4.     b)
5.      a)
6.      a)
7.      c)
8.     d)
9.     b)
10.    b)

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