Monday, May 19

Every day science test preparation

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      1.      Velocity And Direction Of Wind: (Anemometer)

      2.      Flow Of Air: (Aerometer) 

      3.      _________ is a unit of Sound: (Decibel)

      4.      Salinity Of Water: (Salinometer)

      5.      Audiometer___________ is used to measure intensity of sound: (Audiometer)
6.      Measurement OF Potential Difference Between Two Points: (Voltammeter)

      7.      Improvement Of Hearing Power: (Audiometer)

      8.      Measurement Of Intensity Of Light: (Lucimeter)

      9.      The energy of food is measured in: (Calories)

     10.    Pressure of gases is measured by (Barometer)

     11.    __________ works on the principle of Absorption of sound: (Sonar)

     12.   The unit of energy in MKS system is: (Joule)

     13.   ___________ is used to receive radio waves from objects in space: (Radio Telescope)

     14.   The instrument used to measure Electric Current is: (Ammeter)

     15.   Sensitivity Of Skin: (Algeismeter)

     16.   Voltage Difference: (Electrometer)

     17.   Quantity Of Heat: (Calorimeter)

     18.    Relative Density of Liquids: (Hydrometer)

     19.   Conversion Of Rays Into Mechanical energy: (Radiograph)

     20.   Hearing Of Heartbeat And Lung Sound: (Stethoscope)

     21.   Longitude Of Vessel Over Sea: (Chronometer)

     22.    Detection And Measurement Of Light: (Photoelectric Cell)

     23.   Maintenance Of A Constant Temperature: (Thermostat)

     24.   __________ is used for measuring Intensity Of Earthquake: (Richter Scale)

     25.   __________ is related to Distance: (Light year) 

     26.    Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading at: (-40 Degree)

     27.   The instrument, which is used to measure temperature by radiation, is called: (Pyrometer)

     28.    __________ is used to measure distance, elevations and bearings during survey: (Taceometer) 
     29.   __________ is used for conversion of low voltage into high voltage and vice-versa: (Transformer)

     30.  Depth Of The Ocean: (Fathometer)

Download Test as PDF File

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