Tuesday, May 20

Every day science test preparation 02

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    1.      Amplification Of Current: (Transistor)  

    2.      The _________ is used for viewing Distant Objects: (Telescope)

    3.      Velocity of wind is measured by: (Anemometer)

    4.      _________ is used for Measuring Flow Of A Fluid: (Venturi Tube)

    5.      The _________ is used to study Small and near objects: (Microscope)

    6.      ________ is used to measure the approximate height above the ground: (Altimeter) 

    7.      The S.I unit of temperature is: (Kelvin)

    8.      ________ is used to convert sound waves into electric energy: (Microphone)

    9.      ________ is used to view rapidly moving objects: (Stroboscope)

   10.   When listening to heart beat with ________, one hears closing of valves: (Stethoscope)

   11.  ________ is used to separate mixtures of chemicals: (Centrifuge)
   12.  A ________ is used to measure time: (Chronometer)  

   13.  __________ is used for the detection of Light: (Photodiode)

   14.  The intensity of an earthquake is measured by: (Seismograph)

   15.  Gamma Rays are similar to: (X-Rays)

   16.  _________ is an instrument used to determine Refractive power of lens: (Retinoscope) 

   17.  The spectrum of luminous bodies is studied by: (Spectrometer)

   18.  Sometimes when white blood corpuscles greatly increase in number, they cause a disease          called: (Leukemia)

   19.  When the resultant of all the forces acting on a body is zero the body is said to be in a state    of: (Equilibrium)

   20.  Amplification Of Current: (Transistor)

   21.  A ________ is a device used for analyzing polarized light: (Polaroid)

   22.  _________ is used to observe Retina: (Ophthalmoscope)

   23.  The process of digestion begins in: (Mouth)

   24.  Blood cells are manufactured by _________ of the body: (Bone Marrow) 

   25.  The final image produced by a simple microscope is: (Virtual and Erect)

   26.  The science which deals with the bird is called: (Ornithology)

   27.  ____________are not water soluble: (Vitamin A & D) 

   28.  Change In Atmospheric Humidity: (Hygroscope) 

   29.  The Separation of ordinary light into its constituent colors is known as: (Dispersion)

   30.  The smallest organism which causes disease is virus and even smaller is called: (Viroids)

Download Test as PDF File

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