Wednesday, May 21

General knowledge test preparation 01

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    1.      The planet nearest to sun is: (Mercury)

    2.      The brightest planet is: (Venus)

    3.      ______ planet is nearest to the earth: (Mars)

    4.      _______ is the coldest planet: (Uranus)

    5.      The moon has: (No Atmosphere)

    6.      Newton is the unit of: (Force)

    7.      In Pakistan copper is found in: (Saindak)

    8.      _________ is natural polymer: (Cellulose) 

    9.      ________ is not a phosphorous fertilizer: (Urea)

   10.  __________ occurs in full moon: (Solar Eclipse) 

   11.  ________ is chemically a Silicate or Silicon dioxide: (Quartz)

   12.  _________ travels at a speed equal to Speed of light: (Heat radiation) 

   13.  If a body weighs 600 kg on the surface of the earth then the weight of the same body on the surface of  moon will be: (1/6th i.e. 100kg)

   14.  Of all the flying machines that man has made only ______ are suitable for space flight: (Rockets)

   15.  If we know the mass of an object and the force applied on it, it is possible to calculate: (Acceleration of  the object)

   16.  Active transport in animals and plants required metabolic _______to carry the substances across cell  membrane electrical gradient: (Energy and Concentration Gradient) 

   17.  ________ is a defect of vision which does not permit to see clearly the distant objects: (Myopia)

   18.  In a normal resting man, the rate of heart beat is: (72 per minute)

   19.  Mirage is an example of: (Reflection of Light)

   20.  An electric heater would be most likely to produce: (I.R Radiations)

   21.  If an object gives off its own light, it is said to be: (Luminous)

   22.  Transistors do not need a warm up period because they have no: (Filaments)

   23.  The principle of wireless telegraphy was discovered by: (Signor Marconi)

   24.  When a bullet penetrates into a target, the kinetic energy of a bullet is converted into: (Mechanical  Energy)

   25.  The type of radiation that is unaffected by magnetic field is called: (Gamma Rays)

Download Test as PDF File

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