Tuesday, July 1

Analogy MCQs Test with Answer

1. Oil is to Seed as Butter is to __________:

          a)      Goat 
          b)     Cow
          c)      Milk
          d)     Ghee

2. Breakfast is to Lunch as Lunch is to _________:

          a)      Dinner
          b)     Breakfast
          c)      Meal
          d)     Fast

3. Bird is to Nest as Pig is to ________:

          a)      Stable
          b)     Farm
          c)      Sty
          d)     Burrow

4. Ambulance is to Scarcity as Extravagance is to _________:

          a)      Plenty
          b)     Miserliness
          c)      Hoarder
          d)     Smuggler

5. Paint is to Brush as Write is to _______:

          a)      Pen
          b)     Writer
          c)      Pallet
          d)     Book

6. Air is to Fly as Water is to ________:

          a)      Float
          b)     Sink
          c)      Drink
          d)     Swim

7. Horse is to Mare as Fox is to _________:

          a)      Lioness
          b)     Tigress
          c)      Vixen
          d)     Cub

8. Letter is to Telegram as Train is to ________:

          a)      Aero plane
          b)      Horse
          c)      Messenger
          d)      Telephone

9. Deep is to Shallow a Sharp is to _________:

          a)      Knife
          b)     Blunt
          c)      Ocean
          d)     Metal

10. Cloud is to Rain as Sun is to _________:

            a)      Thunder
            b)      Lighting
            c)       Sky
            d)      Light

1.        c)
2.        a)
3.        c)
4.        b)
5.        a)
6.        d)
7.        c)
8.        a)
9.        b)
10.      d)

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