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Pak Studies Question with Answer pdf

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1. Who designed Pakistan’s national flag?

          a)      Fatima Jinnah
          b)      Ameer-ud-din Khidwai
          c)       Wali Khan
          d)      Tikka Khan

2. In which year did Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup?

          a)      1975
          b)      1987
          c)      1992
          d)     1996

3. Which is the national animal of Pakistan?

          a)      Markhor
          b)      Bear
          c)      Lion
          d)     Tiger

4. Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

          a)      Eagle 
          b)      Crow
          c)      Chakor
          d)      Peacock

5. Which Pakistani Prime Minister received Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee when he arrived by bus to Lahore?

          a)      Benazir Bhutto
          b)      Nawaz Sharif
          c)      Shujat Hussain
          d)     Shaukat Aziz

6. Which Indian Cardinal was from Karachi?

          a)      Ivan Dias
          b)      Simon Pimenta
          c)      Anthony Padiyara 
          d)      Valerian Gracias

7. Who succeeded Zia Ul Haque as President of Pakistan?

          a)      Rafiq Tarar
          b)      Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari
          c)      Ghulam Ishaq Khan
          d)      Benazir Bhutto

8. Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of independence?

          a)       Muslim League
          b)      Congress
          c)       Justice Party
          d)      Communist Party

9. Which is the national language of Pakistan?

          a)      Hindi 
          b)      Bengali
          c)      Punjabi
          d)     Urdu

10. Who sang Mujko bhi zara lift kara de?

            a)      Adnan Sami
            b)      Talat Aziz
            c)      Ataullah Khan
            d)     Arshad Sami
Download Test as PDF File

1.      b)
2.      c)
3.     a)
4.     c)
5.      b)
6.      d)
7.      c)
8.     b)
9.     d)
10.    a)

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