Wednesday, July 2

Sequence MCQs Test PDF

In sequence test, one is required to keep in view the correct sequence of days of the week, months of the year, sequence of letters of alphabet, of words in dictionary, etc.

1. The day that dawn three days after tomorrow is Friday. What day of the week dawned two days before yesterday?

          a)      Sunday
          b)      Saturday
          c)      Wednesday
          d)      Friday

2. If 7th of the month falls 2 days preceding Sunday, what day of the week will follow the 27th of the month?

          a)      Friday
          b)     Saturday
          c)      Thursday
          d)     Monday
3. How many times will you write the numeral 2 if you write all the numbers from 201 to 300?

          b)      20
          c)      100 
          d)     119

4. How many consonants are there between the second and the fourth vowel in the alphabet?

          a)      7
          b)     8
          c)      9
          d)     10

5. How many letters in the line below come after K, but before the second R and after the first T?      A A B K M X J T T V C R R P L

          a)      1
          b)      2
          c)      3
          d)     4

6. If 15th of the February of a leap year fell 3 days following Friday, what day of the week will dawn on 10th of the next month?

          a)      Wednesday
          b)     Thursday
          c)      Friday
          d)     Saturday

7. Name the letter which precedes the letter which is to the right of the central letter in the word STIMULATE.

          a)      L
          b)      U
          c)      M
          d)      A

8. How many sets of two or more letters have letters in the alphabetic order?

          a)      5
          b)      7
          c)       9
          d)     11

9. Which letter is exactly in the middle of H and P?

          b)     O
          c)      L
          d)     R

10. How many 3s in the following series are preceded by 6s and followed by 2s?
156      327      263      362      362      576      328
            a)      2
            b)      3
            c)       4
            d)      5

1.        d)
2.        a)
3.        d)
4.        b)
5.        d)
6.        b)
7.        b)
8.        a)
9.        c)
10.      a)

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