Wednesday, May 14

Common sense quiz

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1.  It takes two minutes to boil an egg. How many minutes will take to boil 5 eggs together?

           a)      2
           b)     10
           c)      30
           d)     5

2.  4 boys and 3 girls do as many sums in 5 minutes as 3 boys and 5 girls do in 4 minutes. Who work faster?

           a)      Boys
           b)     Girls
           c)      Both
           d)     Neither

3.  A clock seen through a mirror reads a quarter to nine. What is the actual time?

           a)      1:15
           b)     9:30
           c)      3:15
           d)     9:15

4.  An electric train is running from East to West. It is windy day. The wind is blowing from West to East. In which direction will the smoke go?

           a)      West to East
           b)     East to West
           c)      North to South
           d)     None of these

5.  A child learning alphabet (English) can draw only straight lines. How many capital letters can he write?

           a)      10
           b)     12
           c)      15
           d)     18

6.  If a cricket match stars at 10:00 A.M. in England, at what time can we hear its commentary on the wireless in Pakistan?

          a)      10:00 P.M.
          b)     4:30 P.M.
          c)      3:00 P.M.
          d)     2:30 P.M.

7.  There are two camels----one facing the East and the other facing the West. A truss of hay is placed between them. Can they eat grass without moving their legs?

           a)      Yes
           b)     No
           c)      Can’t say

8.  A counts the letters in the alphabet, leaving out vowels. B counts the letters leaving out the 5th letter every time. Whose count is more?

          a)      A’s
          b)     B’s
          c)      Equal
          d)     Can’t say

9.  A man had 11 buffaloes. All nut seven died. How many were left? 

           a)      18
           b)     11
           c)      4
           d)     None of these

10.  The front wheels of a tractor are smaller than the rear wheels. Which of them travel faster?

             a)      Front wheels
             b)     Rear wheels
             c)      Both of them have equal speed
             d)     Can’t say
Download Test as PDF File


1.      a)
2.      b)
3.     c)
4.     d)
5.      c)
6.      c)
7.      a)
8.     c)
9.     d)
10.    c)

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