Sunday, May 11

General knowledge MCQs

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1. Former US Vice - President Al Gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against:

          a)      Child Labour
          b)      Human Rights Violation
          c)      Global Warming
          d)      None of these

2. WAFA is the news agency of:

          a)      Syria
          b)     Jordan
          c)      Egypt
          d)     None of these

3. The United Nations was founded on:

          a)      March 24, 1945
          b)     October 24, 1945
          c)      March 24, 1949
          d)     October 24, 1950

4. Which country from the following is NOT the member of UNO?

          a)      Vatican City
          b)      Afghanistan
          c)      North Korea
          d)      Vietnam

5. Pakistan’s largest export partner is:

          a)      Saudi Arabia
          b)     America
          c)      Japan
          d)     None of these

6. The headquarters of NATO is located in:

          a)      New York
          b)      Paris
          c)      Geneva
          d)      Brussels

7. Qantas is an Airline of:

          a)      USA
          b)      Australia
          c)      Singapore
          d)      Malaysia

8. The International Court of Justice is located in:

          a)       New York
          b)      Washington
          c)       Geneva
          d)      The Hague

9. The largest source of electricity generation in Pakistan comes through:

          a)      Thermal
          b)      Hydrel
          c)       Coal
          d)       None of these

10. Transparency International is based in:

            a)      New York
            b)      London
            c)       Berlin
            d)      None of these
Download Test as PDF File
1.      c)
2.      d)
3.     b)
4.     a)
5.      b)
6.      d)
7.      b)
8.     d)
9.     b)
10.    c)

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