Tuesday, May 13

General knowledge test

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1. One us Barrel oil is equal to:

          a)      20 Litres
          b)     30 Litres
          c)      50 Litres
          d)     None of these

2. Ringgit is the currency unit of:

          a)      Singapore
          b)     Philippines
          c)      Malaysia
          d)     None of these

3. Which of the following International Organization has no formal structure and secretariat?

          a)      Green peace
          b)     D-8
          c)      G-8
          d)     None of these

4. There are _________ non-permanent members of the Security Council.

          a)      5
          b)     7
          c)      10
          d)     15

5. Pakistan is the Chairman of:

          a)      Non-Aligned Movement
          b)     SAARC
          c)      Group of 77
          d)     None of these

6. General Michael Hayden is the:

          a)      President of Chili
          b)     Defense secretary of United States
          c)      Commander NATO’s force in Afghanistan
          d)     None of these

7. Parachinar is the main town of:

          a)      Khyber Agency
          b)     North Waziristan
          c)      South Waziristan
          d)     None of these

8. The first President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was:

          a)      Richard Nixon
          b)     Dwight D. Eishenhower
          c)      Lyndon B Johnson
          d)     None of these

9. The district of the country having lowest population density is:

          a)      Khuzdar
          b)     Kalat
          c)      Kharan
          d)     None of these

10. ANTARA is the news agency of:

            a)      Indonesia
            b)      Malaysia
            c)       Turkey
      d)   None of these
Download Test as PDF File
1.      d)
2.      c)
3.     a)
4.     c)
5.      b)
6.      d)
7.      a)
8.     c)
9.     c)
10.    a)

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