Saturday, May 17

General knowledge question

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1. Parsec is a unit of:

          a)      Energy
          b)     Time
          c)      Power
          d)     Distance

2. The most abundant element present in the human body is:

          a)      Nitrogen
          b)     Carbon
          c)      Hydrogen
          d)     Oxygen

3. Animals obtain carbohydrate mainly from:

          a)      Sucrose
          b)     Starch
          c)      Glucose
          d)     Glycogen

4. The deepest place on earth is:

          a)      Trench
          b)     Mariana Trench
          c)      Mangrove
          d)     Groove

5. The unit that coordinates different devices of the computer system is:

          a)      ALU
          b)     Register
          c)      Control Unit
          d)     Logical instruction

6. Cancer can be treated by:

          a)      Antibiotics and vaccines
          b)     Radiotherapy and antibodies
          c)      Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
          d)     Antibodies and chemotherapy

7. Light year is a unit of:

          a)      Distance
          b)     Time period
          c)      Light intensity
          d)     Time

8. The temperature of the dead body is:

          a)      0oC
          b)     37oC
          c)      room temperature
          d)     temperature of the place where it is kept

9. Bronze medal is made up of metals:

         a)      Copper, Nickel
         b)      Copper, Tin
         c)       Copper, Silver
         d)      Copper, Zinc

10. Night vision is possible with the help of:

            a)      Red Light
            b)      Violet Light
            c)       Infra-red Light
            d)      Ultraviolet Light
Download Test as PDF File
1.      d)
2.      d)
3.     b)
4.     b)
5.      c)
6.      c)
7.      a)
8.     d)
9.     b)
10.    a)

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